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Common Grace without Antithesis August 13, 2008

Posted by heldveld in Antithesis, Blog Spotting.

Larry Temple posts an insightful article ‘The Antithesis and “Common Cooperation” Theology at his blog.

In it he details how many in the church today look at Kuyper’s teaching on common grace, but forget his teaching on antithesis. Here is a quote from the post showing the problems that arise:

Without Kuyper’s theology of “the antithesis” his “common grace” theology has metastasized into a doctrine of “common cooperation”. This metastasized doctrine preaches cooperation with the unbelieving world for the “common good” of mankind… and this being done in the name of advancing the kingdom of God.

I can see this happening often in the Christian Reformed Church (CRC). I used to be a member of this denomination, and my parents still are, plus living in West Michigan its hard not to be aware of the things that are happening in that denomination. For an example read ‘Beyond Election Madness’ in the August 2008 Banner. Lots of talk about ‘hope’ and ‘good news’ but no talk about Christ and the good news of our salvation. There is no antithesis here, the Christian’s good news is the good news of the world and the government not the church is the bringer of the good news.

Now that’s not to say that alleviating poverty and helping the sick are bad things, but by doing only those are we advancing the kingdom of God?



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